User Manuals

User manual for iTHRVE below (user manual for iTHRVE chakras app)

On this page you’ll find links to pages and manuals for the iTHRVE app and how to use different transducers: camera light vs chest strap vs finger clip vs ear clip.

iTHRVE works on the latest version of iOS, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPod touch 5 and the latest versions of iPads. iTHRVE doesn’t work on previous versions of iPhones, iPod touch.

This HRV app has been designed to work with different sensors:
• iOS Camera (on your iPhone)
WATCH how to use the Camera Light Sensor on iPhone on the iTHRVE app to measure your HRV & the Mayer Wave (pressure wave / craniosacral rhythm)


• Berry BM1000C

 Working with the latest update of  iTHRVE apps

Berry BM1000C PPG Finger Clip

PPG Mobile Phone Heart Rate Monitor Finger clip Sensor


WATCH How to use a finger clip sensor to measure the pulse, HRV and blood oxygen

• Polar chest strap – Polar H7 chest strap
Buy it here: 29 Euro, with trackable shipment 15 Euro in Europe (20 Euro shipment the rest of the world), Total price 44 Euro in EUROPE (send 49 Euro the rest of the world)

Polar H7 Bluetooth Chest Strap

Polar H7 Bluetooth Chest Strap

WATCH How to use the chest strap for doing overnight or long-term HRV recordings


• Ear clip Bluetooth sensor – Mobile Phone Heart Rate Monitor with Ear Clip

Mobile Phone Heart Rate Monitor with Ear Clip Sensor

Mobile Phone Heart Rate Monitor with Ear Clip Sensor

All of these sensors can be used for short recording (less than 30 minutes): mainly designed for coherence and breath training.
Long recording (up to 8 hours and a half), can only be done with the use of a Polar chest strap or a compatible Bluetooth chest strap device.

The pressure wave (related to the Mayer wave or Craniosacral wave) can only be displayed with the Berry finger sensor.
The light sensors devices (Berry finger sensor, the earclip sensor and the iOS camera) are very sensitive to movements of the sensor: they need you to be quite still- when used to achieve a good acquisition of data.

iTHRVE User Manuals

QUICK START Guide – Selecting Bluetooth Input Transducer How to set up the iTHRVE app and start taking data and How to use different transducers: camera light vs chest strap vs finger clip vs ear clip

TRAINING / RECORDING with Bluetooth Inputs (Earclip / Polar Chest strap)

Interpreting and Using HRV TRAINING GRAPHS with iTHRVE How to interpret the basic data screens

Using iPhone CAMERA LIGHT for Pulse Sensor – Set Up

How to best use the Finger Sensor (and with Blood Oxygen Measure)

Low HRV Resting Rate HISTORY Display

SLEEP Analysis HISTORY Display

BREATH and Breathing Coherence HISTORY Display

How to Store and SHARE DATA RECORDINGS with iTHRVE How to share files/data: how to share night records and analysis graphs, how to take overnight recordings and how to use the file manager on the app

Video tutorials 

Watch our video tutorials

Support & further help

Overview of the iTHRVE app and the major functions
Comparing your HRV performance history
Troubleshooting for the iTHRVE app

Additional information about the iTHRVE app

HRV Stress. How iTHRVE Heart Rate Variability app measures stress?
Heart coherence. Coherent breathing. How to measure heart and breath coherence with HRV app?
How iTHRVE measures the craniosacral wave/rhythm
Training options for HRV breathing coherence