“WOW! At last, a real innovation in the world of biofeedback. Within just a few minutes of measuring the heart, I easily receive an abundance of useful data. I quickly get meaningful insights into the focus levels and stress levels of those I train. Also, this Heart Coherence app measures breath coherence, overnight HRV analysis, and blood oxygen! Plus, I get an analysis that assists to directly link with the health of the energy meridians, showing what needs attention. It’s super practical.”

“Great app. Still exploring all the options – so many functions (very good value for all the functionalities in just one HRV app). Looking forward to recording my HRV during the sleep over a few nights and analyse it (ordered my Polar H7 Bluetooth chest strap on Amazon). The breathing cue is brilliant and the craniosacral training entrainment is fascinating. I didn’t know you could measure craniosacral rhythm – sounds revolutionary.”
Susan Norman, UK

“An amazing new app! The first biofeedback tool I’ve experienced that has this amount of data and analysis. My clients are particularly benefiting from it in short-term training, and long-term sleep analysis. I’ve even used it for monitoring the state-of-mind of rock climbers in action. Monitoring my own sleep has helped me to be at the peak of my abilities. This innovative app shows me when to take extra care of my body and mind, for rejuvenation. The wireless Bluetooth sensors provide precise data, easily. The extensive data this app offers expands science with new knowledge.”

“Good investment
I’ve been using the app for a few weeks now and I love it. It took me a bit of time to master all the functions (and get the finger sensor for craniosacral training) but it was worth it. My favourite function is the stress measurement and the caduceus breathing. And I can track my stress management progress. Good investment and I do recommend it to anyone who’s serious about balancing and optimising their HRV and craniosacral rhythm.”
Marta Orszewska, London

“You basically get a $2000 biofeedback machine for $25.
Thank you so much for creating this app! I look forward to using it more to help with my illness.”
bantsboy (from iTunes store)