iTHRVE hrv + craniosacral app

iTHRVE HRV & Craniosacral Biofeedback Entrainment App

iTHRVE is the only iPhone heart rate variability (HRV) and craniosacral biofeedback entrainment app that offers both HRV and craniosacral training for stress management, resilience training, peak performance, optimum well-being, and much more…

iTHRVE works on the latest version of iOS, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPod touch 5 and the latest versions of iPads. iTHRVE doesn’t work on previous versions of iPhones, iPod touch.

The key benefits of iTHRVE hrv & craniosacral app are:
• improved sleep quality
• stress management
• focus and attention

The other benefits of using iTHRVE app include:
• health and overall well-being
• efficiency at work
• empathy training (improving relationships)
• sports performance

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This iTHRVE hrv + craniosacral app has been designed to work with different sensors