iTHRVE Breath Training

It is important to note – as every yogi knows- that the biggest control we have of own emotion and meditation – is taking coherent control of the breath.

The breath is a direct pressure phase lock to both the low frequencies in the HRV (LF -0.1hz/HF- health regulators) and spine liquid pump – and indirectly to the key signature set for the higher 7-20 Hz heart frequencies which ARE the drummer for entraining the all-important brainwave alpha and beta.

Since the breath IS the spine pump mechanically entrained – it bears repeating – from the craniosacral literature: “if the (breath coherent) spine liquid IS pumping – then it is clinically impossible to BE depressed!”

Regular Slow Breathing patterns have a direct action on the sympathetic system and on your CranioSacral liquid pump.

  • Pacing your breathing around 6 cycles per minute (0.1Hz frequency) regulates the sympathetic system balance by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This boosts your immune system and reduces stress. At this breath frequency, you have a direct action on the CranioSacral wave which is an important blood pressure resonance inside your body (also called the Mayer pressure wave and significantly related to the LF component of the HRV).
  • Caduceus Breath induces a still point in your CranioSacral liquid pump. This still point is often defined as a healing turning point. Creating this caduceus path to the still point (‘perfect damping’) leads to a better connection to yourself, “in and out of space & time” , ” a presence in the present time”. – literally implosion/fusion.

Coherent breathing for optimum sleep
Research suggests that deep sleep is essential for our bodies to detox, rejuvenation and healing. iTHRVE app helps with monitoring the HRV (and at night) and offers breathing cues to optimise HRV with just breathing which is calibrated to your specific HRV (heart rate variability).

Different Slow Breath patterns are proposed in the app:

0.1Hz Pace Breath with coherence & Harmonic Inclusiveness Analysis

Caduceus Breath

More on the geometric importance of the Caduceus Breath:


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