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Dan Winter & Patrick Botte

Dan Winter (Heart Coherence, Biofeedback – Inventor) & Patrick Botte (Craniosacral, Biofeedback – iTHRVE App Programmer)

Patrick Botte is the developer of the iTHRVE, HRV & Craniosacral Rhythm app. Patrick is also a craniosacral therapist.
More info about Patrick: http://www.saintphonie.be/en_moi.php and the app http://craniosacral-app.com/index.html

Dan Winter is credited in the literature with inventing the concept of Heart Coherence – as he developed the mathematics to measure internal coherence. A pioneer in biofeedback for decades – this is his fifth major generation of heart biofeedback technology. He is passionate to empower people to learn the value of coherence emotion – not just for health and performance – but also for the serious spiritual growth process.
More info: fractalfield.com and goldenmean.info/vitae

Jan Cisek is an Environmental Psychologist and Spiritual Health Mentor and has been instrumental for the development of the iTHRVE apps as well as an angel investor and for branding and marketing. More info: http://www.jancisek.com/

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