iTHRVE: HRV + Craniosacral Training App

iTHRVE is the only heart rate variability (HRV) and craniosacral biofeedback entrainment app that offers both HRV and craniosacral training for stress management, resilience training, peak performance, optimum well-being, and much more... Read about the benefits of iTHRVE app

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iTHRVE chakras app

iTHRVE chakras app is the only iPhone app that measures your chakras. Read about the benefits of iTHRVE chakras app

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Benefits of iTHRVE app

• HRV (heart rate variability) measurements
• Craniosacral training
• Stress measurements
• Breathing training
• Peak performance
• Resilience training 
• Empathy training (improving relationships)
• Sports performance
and more...

iTHRVE – HRV (Heart Rate Variability) App – Introduction

iTHRVE stress management app

iTHRVE stress management app is an iPhone app that measures your stress levels and helps you manage it with coherent breathing. Read about the benefits of iTHRVE stress management app

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