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Dan Winter & Patrick Botte

Dan Winter (Heart Coherence, Biofeedback – Inventor) & Patrick Botte (Craniosacral, Biofeedback – iTHRVE App Programmer)

Patrick Botte is the developer of the iTHRVE, HRV & Craniosacral Rhythm app. Patrick is also a craniosacral therapist.
More info about Patrick: http://www.saintphonie.be/en_moi.php and the app http://craniosacral-app.com/index.html

Dan Winter is credited in the literature with inventing the concept of Heart Coherence – as he developed the mathematics to measure internal coherence. A pioneer in biofeedback for decades – this is his fifth major generation of heart biofeedback technology. He is passionate to empower people to learn the value of coherence emotion – not just for health and performance – but also for serious spiritual growth process.
More info: fractalfield.com and goldenmean.info/vitae

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